Friday, February 18, 2011

Ways to get rid of Acne

1. Laser Removal 
Lasers utilizing pulsating lights can be focused on problematic parts of the skin, producing heat beneath the skin's surface. This heat causes thermal damage to the sebaceous glands but doesn't damage the surface of your skin. Laser treatment reduces acne by half after just two sessions

2. Sandblast 
Microdermabrasion is less intense than that, and way cooler. A doctor using a wandlike device bombards your face with tiny particles of aluminum oxide. It sounds painful, but it doesn't hurt. Simultaneous to the bombardment, the device vacuums up the particles from your skin, so you won't leave the clinic looking like you just fell asleep face-down on the beach.

3.Try Isotretinoin
Isotretinoin is known by a variety of brand names (Accutane, for one), and it's been proven to be effective for treating severe acne. Interestingly, nobody is quite sure why isotretinoin works to reduce acne, but it's believed that it reduces the amount of sebum production

4.Consider Birth Control Pills
Women who are dealing with acne can look to an unconventional source of relief: birth control pills. Not only can oral contraceptives help regulate menstrual cycles and prevent pregnancy, a prescription for these once-a-day pills may also be your ticket to clearer skin.

5.Stock Up on Salicylic Acid
Though it doesn't kill bacteria or have any effect uponsebum production, salicylic acid can be useful in your efforts to get rid of acne. Salicylic acid causes your skin to shed its outermost layer.

6.Buy Some Benzoyl Peroxide
There are a number of products available, but most involve a cream or gel that is applied to broken-out portions of the face. Benzoyl peroxide kills the P. acnes bacteria that causes inflammation in a blocked pore. It may take about three weeks for results to occur, so be patient.


  1. Interesting blog ^^
    By the way, i have tried accutane and stuff, and what worked better for me was what in france we call " grandma secrets ":
    -Dont eat alot of sugar and delicatessen.
    -Take some beer baking powder.
    It have worker better than accutane, true story.
    This blog is really interesting , keep up !

  2. another good idea I read about is to sleep with a towel between you and the pillow, I assume because its better at absorbing the oils your face makes while you sleep. A lot better than sleeping in face grease from the pillow.

  3. Everything you suggested sounds kinda extreme.
    But if it works.

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