Friday, September 16, 2011

Ways To Remove Hair

Do you have hair in embarrassing places here are some ways you can get rid or it.

1. You can try shaving it off or plucking the extra hair off: 
But, the downside is that hair that has been merely shaved off tends to grow back...and it ALWAYS seems to grow back quicker than you''d like it to, doesn''t it?
A more permanent solution is probably needed if the the hair really makes you look ugly...

2. Laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal is another option to look into if you have some hair that has to "get gone" for good...It seems that the interest in laser hair removal systems has become really popular recently.
And while laser hair removal probably has some fans out there, laser can be costly. However, some people seem to be genuinely happy with the results of laser hair, it can be a viable option to investigate.

3. Hair removal creams & lotions. 
Hair removal creams can be WAY cheaper than the laser hair removal options &
They may be a better long term solution than using a regular razor or set of tweezers.


  1. Protip: save the removed hair for hair mayonnaise.

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